Female model wearing colour-changing Catch London frames
Catch London behind the scenes of the 2019 campaign photo shoot
Join us on a journey around London where we take a look behind the scenes of our first ever campaign photo shoot. Using bold colours, creative patterns and streetwear style clothing, stylists created the feeling of summer despite the shoot taking place in winter. Jetting around in our 'Catchmobile' complete with hair and makeup station and clothing rack, the models underwent a transformation before arriving at each new location across the capital, which included Notting Hill, Mayfair and Covent Garden.
Make-up being applied by stylist to female model at Catch London Boots 2019 photo shoot
Female model trying on Catch London frames at Boots 2019 photo shoot
Two Catch London models being photographed in front of red phone booth for Boots 2019 campaign
Eyewear designer Tom Davies talking to model behind the scenes of Catch London 2019 photo shoot