Catch London acetate frame front sitting in a mold to have correct base curve set
Each Catch London frame is handmade in west London. The dedicated factory space is 20 minutes from the heart of the city which is why each frame has been named after an iconic street. The factory doubles as a creative space and features a massage room, creative Lego room and rooftop bar.
Catch London acetate pieces
Purple acetate frame parts on workbench in Catch London factory
Green tray with Catch London acetate cutouts
Catch London Made in London stamp


Many of the factory team were taught their production skills on an apprenticeship scheme that is run at the factory They have worked side by side with some of our master craftsmen and now produce some of the most innovative designs from the collection.
Catch London factory with games machines and bar
Union Jack and EU flag flying on the Catch London factory rooftop on a sunny day